How to perform CPR at emergency situations?

There are certain treatments followed when you are affected under blow blood pressure. In that case, cpr is an emergency treatment that helps people suffering from heart attacks. It is mandatory to learn  cpr techniques. They are normally helpful during emergency situations. You can use them on both adults and kids, when you perform them on any adult individual, if they are unable to breathe use the tapping on shoulder in order to make the respiratory problems easily solved.

Steps on how CPR is prepared;

  • Always make a call for ambulance; when a person is affected with heart attacks, there are several golden hours in which patient has to be admitted in hospital. Performing CPR is better. Always check with the patients by tapping in the shoulders. Ask them few questions, if they respond then there is no such problem in the body. You can wait until the ambulance arrives.
  • Step 1: when you perform, ask someone to bring AED machine. If there is CPR facility, then it is sure that you will find the machine at the place.
  • Place the person on their back; make the person lie carefully without disturbing the brain. The performer should kneel beside their chest. No you can tilt their head back slightly by lifting their chin. Next process is that you should check for any obstruction such as vomit or food. Make sure airway is properly communicated.
  • Check for breathing; place the ear on patient chest to check for heart beat. Listen to at least more than 10 seconds. If there is no breathing sensed or you hear occasional gasps as you can begin CPR. If there is no spinal injury you can place them on a recovery position. When you perform CPR, keep monitoring regarding their breathiness.

  • You are required to perform 30 chest compressions; Place your one head on the top and clasp them together. When you place the elbow hands hit, push harder on the center of the chest and the position has to be perfectly derived. That should be slightly below the nipples. You can also learn cpr online.
  • The way you should push at least 2 inches deep. Compress their chest at a rate of at least 100 times per minute. Raise the chest between the compressions. When you put pressure, they are certainly to rise with little cough. Ultimately the heart does not stop beating since this makes the blood pressure flow in a speed. This makes the heart to get enough blood on the veins.
  • Rescue breathes; this is the mandatory position when compared to other stages. Lift the heads and place the mouth on your and start pressuring air through mouth. You can eventually feel the chest raising.