An easy way to write a successful narrative essay without special effort

A narrative essay is one of the most typical essays. Every international exam consists this task. So it is very important to be aware of the key peculiarities of writing such composition. Following the simple tips described in this article helps you to write it easily.

The key points in writing of a narrative essay

While passing various exams on knowledge of English, writing an essay is almost always one of the most obligatory and most important tasks. Exactly this task, in the opinion of the teachers and the members of the admissions commissions, can accurately characterize a person as it demonstrates not only the level of literacy and fluency. It is a creative task as well, and it means that it shows the individual’s perception of a person, his outlook, potential, etc. At the same time, in order to write a good essay, you must necessarily have a good vocabulary.

Perhaps, that’s why many students and entrants are horrified by the need to write a story for a certain amount of time. You should focus on the development of writing skills and should be prepared for international exams. Therefore, today we will try to understand some of the subtleties and tricks, and we are sure that at the end of our article your fears will disappear. In general, there are many different types of essays that differ in their purpose. Often, four main types of essay are used, and today we will talk about how to write the narrative essay very quickly, correctly and painlessly.

Telling a story

In this type of essay, the author tells a story or describes his or her real experience. At first glance, this seems like a simple work; however, one needs to try to draw the attention of the reader and, in order to do that, you can use the first-person narrative. In this way, you will interest him and it will make him feel like an accessory to your story. At the end of such an essay, you must necessarily make the conclusion. We want to present some tips which help you to write a narrative essay with ease:

  • Clarity. In order to write a good essay, one should avoid using complex words, phrases, and sentences. A person should read the composition in one breath without focusing on the incomprehensible units. Everything must be clear.
  • Do not pay much attention to details. There is no point in describing every character and every movement precisely because it can make a reader feel bored.
  • Use the first-person narrative. This is a key point of writing the good narrative essay because a reader should feel that the author experienced the described events by himself or herself.
  • Use expressive words. Use a lot of idioms, slang and conversational words in order to grab reader’s interest.

Follow the typical structure

The structure of this essay is quite simple:

  • Introduction. In fact, this is a prehistory. You will bring the reader to the story itself.
  • The main body (actually the story itself). There may be from 1 to 3 paragraphs, each of which should describe a particular idea or event.
  • Conclusion. Here you can mention the influence of the situation described in the essay.