Best single mother grants for better financial status

There are many poor families living in the United States of America. There are many poor single mothers living here. What is more than the bitter reality of $5 per day food budget? In the present ongoing economy it is necessary to solve unemployment and low age work problem. It is not easy to support the children for the single women in United States. Here you will come to know about some of the grants for single mothers.

There are approximately 12 million single parent households in the United States of America out of which 80% households are single woman headed households. Most of the single headed families are still living their lives in poverty. There are many grants for single mothers available for the single women headed families in the United States of America like food stamps, EITC, section 8 and TANF cash assistance. These grants play major role in supporting various needs of the families. The United States Education Department issued the need based unique grants like Pell Grant. Education based grants are very helpful for the students in completing their education.

grants for single mothers

Special grants are also available for the single headed women who wish to complete the education. Grants are available on the basis of financial needs of the families. Families have to qualify each year for getting the grants. You can apply to complete the FAFSA free of cost to qualify. The Government has granted $728 billion on the 13 largest welfare grants for food, housing, medical care and cash requirements of the Americans. Approximately the single headed families had received half of these welfare grants. 28% spending is given to the disabled persons. Elderly persons received 14% of the spending. The grants are provided on priorities based on the needs. We are providing knowledge about some of the grants for single moms below. These grants will help you in completing your education and paying off the bills.  Most of the grants are administered at the state level.

  • Temporary Assistance for the needy families (TANF): It is very useful grant for low income families. This grant is very useful in achieving self sufficiency through work opportunities and short term financial assistance. Govt. provides two types of TANF grants. The first type of grant is child only grant which is dedicated to the children for fulfilling their needs. These grants are smaller as compared to the family grants. These grants are approximately $8 per day for one child. The family grant is the second type of TANF grant available. It provides the small amount of cash for the monthly needs of including clothes, shelter, food and some other needy things.
  • These grants are known as “welfare” and the receiving conditions depend on your living areas.