Introducing a person doing the best healthcare services

The health care system and the educational systems are the most important things every country should have. For earning the best healthcare and educational systems along with the government, the effort of some capable citizens is also very crucial. And bashir dawood is such a person who takes a step forward in setting up the best health care and educational systems. He is a doctor by profession in Pakistan and started a hospital in the name of Indus Hospital. Having the best health care system is very important in every place. He also provides free health care services according to the economic status of the patients.He also supports the economically weak people in their education. As we all know the education is most important to have a better future in anyone’s life. He always gives a hand to the people who want to come forward in the medical field. For a person, to become a doctor, he has to pay a lot of fees and middle and lower-middle-class families can’t afford it. So, helping such people through his services is the prime concern of his services. He also started the first organ transplantation centre in Pakistan.

Contributions in the educational field:

Many children dream of becoming a doctor when they grow up. But affording it is not possible for many people. Bashir Dawood always finds a path to such students who always have a dream of becoming a doctor but can’t afford it. Some of his contributions in the medical and educational fields are:

  • Supporting the medical stream: He has devoted a first organ transplantation centre and incorporates several surgical facilities in his hospital in Pakistan. He also provide funds to many patients who have to undergo brain surgery as it is the most complicated one. Brain surgery requires many facilities in the hospital and also huge experienced doctors. So the cost of brain surgery is very high. Everyone can’t afford brain surgeries. So, he takes a step forward to help those people who are fighting to stay alive. Even many children face the problem in the brain and have to undergo surgery which is the most complicated as the children can’t bear so much pain.New tools and equipment required for all types of surgeries are available. Even the updated and new instruments or tools with higher precision are ready in the hospital. Many types of invasive surgeries which are complicated are now can have access to the teaching so that students can learn them. The operation rooms facilitate the doctors to treat the patients more efficiently. The data of the patients of the hospital are shortly available to the clinical. This initiative of improvements in healthcare modifies the quality of life of the patients.