Basic Chinese Words for the Smart Traveler

As people become aware of the opportunities in Asian business today, more and more people want to learn basic chinese singapore. Fluency in not only Chinese, but also business language allows speakers to almost instantly enter a lucrative and exciting world that is closed to many. Business Chinese learners acquire skills that are in high demand and are very rare.

It is important to remember that Business Chinese is actually an extension of the Mandarin language. There is no secret code that allows you to access the Mandarin business language without delving into basic grammar and vocabulary. While you may prefer to learn the words for “company” and “merger,” you don’t want to miss when a Chinese native speaker asks if you had lunch today.

Make sure you learn spoken Chinese first. Underline more formal words that others might miss. You want to be able to reach out to people in the most formal way. Try to build a balanced vocabulary that is large enough to cover any set of simple topics that may arise. Also, make sure you have a language to express who you are and what you do. Include vocabulary that relates to your hobbies and interests, especially if they might be useful for business, such as golf.

There are several ways to learn Chinese, but by focusing on conversational Chinese you can improve your accent and sentence structure. Even if you don’t intend to learn Business Chinese right away, good Chinese speaking skills will impress people and make them feel more comfortable with you. When native Chinese speakers aren’t constantly trying to understand your accident and its phrases, you have internalized your books.

Once you have mastered the basics of conversational Chinese, try expanding your vocabulary to Business Chinese. Again, try to find programs or tutorials to help you strengthen the conversation. While it will be very helpful to read books on Business Chinese at a later time, take your time. It is more valuable for you to learn business Chinese, which you can use in conversation. Just as English has its own words for specific business concepts, Chinese has a vocabulary of business terminology that will take you more than enough time to learn.

The opportunities are great for those who decide to study Business Chinese. It will take a little time and will help if you already have business experience, but it is possible for everyone. All you have to do is focus on the goals you set, on a learning schedule you can maintain, and find opportunities to speak with native speakers. In less time than you think, you will learn to speak Business Chinese.