Get MBA Skills Through Online Education, Short Term MBA Programs And By Reading Books and Websites

People who want to pursue the MBA degree will have to go through a two year full term course in order to acquire the entrepreneurial skills. It is difficult for people already working to leave their job and join Business schools which do not even guarantee 100 percent placement. In US alone, B-schools reported a rise in the number of applicants for the full time MBA degree course for the year 2013-2014.

This rise in number is seen for the first time since the year 2009. However there is a lot of competition and competitors in terms of B-schools and the applicants. Therefore it becomes really difficult to pursue the degree. However experts suggest that there are other alternatives which can help a person acquire the entrepreneurial skills without going through the 2 year full time business course.

There are three ways one can pursue MBA skills. These are as follows

• Online courses
• Short term MBA programs
• Reading books and going through websites

Online courses offer MBA lessons over the internet. It is easily accessible and saves time too. The Pennsylvania University introduced the open online classes through Coursera which is an online education company. It taught 4 classes and it was seen that around 100,000 students enrolled for one of the classes.

They offer MOOCs which is a good method of acquiring MBA skills without getting into a B-school or a full time MBA degree course. The classes taught subjects like marketing, corporate finance, accounting and management. The best part about MOOCs is that students do not even have to pay for it. They are not graded, they just sign up for the program. Anyone with access to the internet can register and start learning.

Short term MBA programs offer the same business skills which a full time course will give. However they are short and structured in format. They save time and money of the students and at the same time teach business skills in a few days in a few classes. These business classes focus on the practical parts of the subjects more than the theory part which actually helps in sharpening of skills.

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Reading books related to finance and management and going through such similar websites do offer the much needed learning. The only struggle for people here is to actually go through the books. If they can take out time to go through such financial websites and read those books, they will be ready to face the world of business.